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This video shows the Self Diagnostic Mode of the Dell Axim x51v. To access this mode, press Record + Power + Reset at the same time, then release only reset and keep the others pressed. Wait until the Self Diagnostic Screen appears.


Socket SoMo 650-M: PDAs aren't dead
CNET Crave Blog - May 7, 2009
PDAs like the Dell Axim, for example, aren't being made and it's increasingly difficult to get your hands on a non-phone PDA, which is why the Somo 650 is a
Gartner: Control devices and encrypt data
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GIS user group meet, Loveland, CO - MobileGIS, still a big are in (press release), MD - 19 hours ago
code enforcement plans for citing/managing infractions on the local by-laws. the team uses ArcPad and Dell Axim PDAs (wow, haven't seen them in years!

The HP iPAQ 210 an in-depth review
Pocket PC Magazine, IA - May 3, 2009
It s too better than the Dell Axim x50v/x51v. The Dell has vastly inferior battery life, much-much worse screen almost useless in Landscape for many users

Dell rumored to restart its Windows Mobile business - Apr 30, 2009
In the early part of this decade, Dell was a major player in the handheld computer market with its Axim series. However, the company dropped out as interest

HP iPAQ 210
PC Magazine - Apr 10, 2009
By Jamie Lendino It's been nearly three years since we reviewed the Dell Axim X51v, the now-discontinued high-end PDA. HP's latest handheld, the iPAQ 210,